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So far, so…

I read this book.  And on April 29, 2009, I wrote this journal entry.

“I don’t know if I should kiss these ladies full on the mouth or kick their skinny asses for dismantling my entire food pantry. What can I say? They make one hell of an argument and believe me, I TRIED finding holes in their logic and I couldn’t WAIT to be all “A-ha! Free-range is okay though, right? Right??”, only to have them poo all over the idea in the next paragraph.

I’m going vegan.

Ignorance was bliss. Such lovely, uninformed heaven. I think back to last night, when my food innocence was intact, as if it were a kaleidoscope of orgasms and wine. Last night I didn’t know that the chicken recipe I tried would make me gag today. Last night I could have eaten steak, medium rare, and not had to run to the bathroom to puke.

I don’t expect everyone to eat the way I eat. In fact, I’m only telling YOU that I’m going vegan. Everybody else will just have to guess as I politely decline food items for which I normally would have wrestled small children.

It’s going to be one hell of an adjustment because I am a Farm Girl. Meat and milk, baby. Eggs! If I was feeling fancy I’d even make fish. And not only am I cutting out animals but I find myself pushing sugar and caffeine aside as well.
It’s kind of exciting, in a way. I’m eager to see how my body and mind will react.

It mostly has to do with science and nutrition. And the meat thing? Yeah, meat went from AWESOME to AWFUL in five short pages.

I feel as if I’ve been punched.

It’s been twelve days and so far it’s going well.  The hardest thing has been giving up dairy.  No milk products in the house is easy enough but as soon as I step out the front door I’m all ‘I WANT CHEESE!’.  And one could get pretty radical with the vegan lifestyle and I’m not quite sure exactly how crazy I want to get. 

And so I struggle. Where do I draw the line between living consciously and living radically? No milk, no yogurt, no cheese…in the house. I don’t put cheese on my Subway (Veggie Delight) sandwiches but do I also have to forego the mayo because there isn’t a vegan option?

Trying to avoid butter and eggs out in the “real world” is going to take some serious effort and sacrifice and explanations to baffled grandparents when I refuse their homemade cookies because they prepared them with real butter and milk chocolate chips.

I need to figure out where I’m drawing the line on dairy and eggs and products made with dairy and eggs.

Try this: The next time you’re at the market, pick up any product and read the ingredients. Almost everything contains whey (a dairy product), milk, or egg. And then pick up something else and then another item and so on…

And then come back and tell me where I should draw the line. I don’t want to be a total hypocrite but I don’t want to be an unhappy radical either.


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  1. I became a vegetarian about two weeks ago because of a book called “Eating Animals.” I picked it up before I went on vacation, and I came back physically repulsed at the thought of eating the flesh of an animal.

    Good for you!

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