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C25K: Workout Number Two

It was difficult to get out of bed this morning.  I even reset my alarm to give me another twenty minutes of sleep.  And then as I closed my eyes again all I could think was You will never regret a workout.  Over and over the mantra repeated until I practically jumped out of bed and put on my running clothes.

It feels silly to say I have “running” clothes when I don’t consider myself a runner.  Yet.  But I got one step closer today!

It was cooler this morning so I put on my LifeLinkIII sweatshirt and headed out.  I made the decision that this sweatshirt will become my Fitness Shirt.  A cotton sweatshirt is a horrible choice for real runners, but I’m a beginner so I can get by for now.  And later on when I’m all lean and mean and running like hell, it will just be my Back And Forth To The Gym Or The Trail Shirt.

My pace was a little slower today and some of the initial excitement of the program has definitely worn off already.  I know!  IT’S ONLY DAY TWO!  But I completed the course.  And I.  Will. Not. Quit.


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  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for commenting on my post. Feel free to add me to your blogroll. I’ll link to you too if that’s ok? Keep up the good work on C25k!

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