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One Step At A Time

If you’re going to keep reading this blog, one thing you should know about me is that I keep extremely strange hours.  I work in medicine and I’m on call a lot so my days aren’t the same as your days.  For instance, today it is your Friday…but today is still my Thursday because I haven’t gone to bed yet.  Also?  It’s 6AM.  Yeah.

So anyway…I decided to go to the supermarket after work because a woman at the hospital was having peanut M&Ms and the smell of them made me want a bag more than I wanted sleep.  Off I went.  At first I was planning to get a great big bag and share them with the roommate.  Then I downgraded to a regular single person serving and I specifically remember using inner-dialogue to pat myself on the back.  Good job!  Instead of eating eleventy hundred of them you’re exercising portion control!  GO YOU!

As I walked into the place I remembered that I needed some bobby pins.  I went and chopped off all of my hair into a cute, short style that will shorten my morning (i.e. NOT your morning) routine by at least ten minutes.  Well, maybe only by eight minutes now because I’ll be trying to shalack the hair to my head with bobby pins.  What I’m trying to say is that after I entered the store I took a right.  Instead of a left to where they keep all the chocolate.

I started browsing and by the time I made all the way to the other side of the store (the side where they keep the food) I had–are you ready for this?–completely forgotten about the M&Ms.  My eyes found a bag of organic baby romaine and I instinctivly threw it in my basket and stalked the aisles looking for salad fixings.

Amazing.  It’s really something how quick a body will respond to healthy changes.  When you make a small step to be healthier, another factor of wellness seems to fall into place.  Until one day you’re walking around craving salads.  It’s really too bad that ALL of the healthy living variables don’t line up so nicely.  But I’ll be absolutely satisfied with my hunger for organic greens today.


One Response

  1. so glad you are back!!! you are my crack.

    tonight as i was lying in bed trying to fall asleep i was thinking about trying to get back into running since it has been TEN!!! years since i did that. and i wondered how someone who hates doing that is supposed to start up again after all this time. and the c25k thing sounds like a good plan. now if only i could figure out where the actual plan for that is on the site!

    also i had perused the skinny book before. i think the hub and i will try that as well. what can i say? i’m a copy-cat

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