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She Climbed

Yesterday I did the last workout of C25K week one.  I decided to switch it up a bit and ran around the neighborhood instead of using the trail.  I live at the bottom of a valley.  Meaning the only way to get away from my house is to trot up some pretty major hills.  Holy sh*t.  I was pretty sure I was going to die every other minute and a half (i.e. every time I had to run).  It was worth it, though, and I have the morning weight to prove it! 

Speaking of which:  I’m not going to bore you with my weight details, but I am going to put a sidebar on the site that will list my progress.  I’m not sure if I should post it every week or at the start of every month.  The people in my head can’t agree on the best option.  Stay tuned.

This morning I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I never know when I’ll wake up on a Tuesday morning due to my weekend work schedule so I don’t freak out if it’s early.  I just take a nap later if needed.  (Yay!  Summer break!)  Needless to say, I was the only person in the gym at that hour! 

Internets, I haven’t been to the gym since snow was on the ground.  It felt pretty great.  And I LOVE being the only person there because then I can make some seriously scary faces at the mirrors that line the wall in front of the cardio equipment.  I did the ellipitcal machine for 45 minutes this morning and I animated noises and faces that would make Satan crap his pants.  While I was watching The Biggest Loser a few weeks ago (My money was absolutely on Tara.  I still can’t believe she didn’t win.) I remember thinking, Wow, they sure grunt and groan a lot.  That must make them feel better when they feel like quitting.  Or they have some SERIOUS gas. 

I programmed the elliptical for 45 minutes with 2 minute intervals.  The resistance would go from 1 and then up to 8.  I knew I was in trouble when I wanted to stop after about 10 minutes.  I kept going and kept my grunts inside until the very last two minutes of level 8.  I pushed hard and fast (wow, that sounds dirty) and gave it everything I had, letting the devil noises shake themselves loose and fill the gym with the sound of my effort.  Mind you, I will NEVER make noises if anyone else is in the gym.  No, then I will just die workout in silence.  My heart rate shot up to 181 and my legs felt strangely disconnected from my body.  And just as quick as it began, it was over.

I felt awesome.  I didn’t quit.  I completed the course.

But it will be quite a while before I do that sort of workout again.


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