C25K Week Two, Workout One

Totally amazing. I’m loving this. I was worried that the transition from week one would require mantras and personal affirmations. Granted, the time spent running only increases by thirty seconds each interval, but do you have any idea how long thirty seconds of running is to a fat girl?  Its only about as long as the wait for Oprah tickets.

Another workout done.  And I am LOVING this little device:


Wow.  It looks kind of huge there.  Okay then.  I’m loving this HUGE device.  There are so many features of awesome it’s as if they’ve crammed Jillian Michaels in there specifically to kick my ass.  I’m fortunate to have received it as asshole tax a gift, because I would never let myself spend the money.

I’m heading out today to get a new pair of shoes.  The Sauconys I’m using now are great, but I’ve had them for well over a year and I’ve worn them quite a bit.  Any brands and styles you recommend?  I don’t have exaggerate pronations either way and I have a normal arch.  Thanks!


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