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C25K, Week Two, Workout 1.5

I am the Midwest distributor of Too Much Too Soon.  I am one of those people who run every day…in my head.  In real life, I’m still a lumbering large woman with a body that can’t handle the pavement pounding more than once every couple of days. 

It was hard to get out the door this morning, but once I was on the trail and into my warm up walk, I felt good.  I felt energized.  I was even thinking that I should get a calendar to figure out when I’d be done with this program and then sign up for my first 5k!  I’m going to be awesome, the end.

My Garmin beeped the beginning of the first interval and started.  I had a pretty good pace going (6.0 mph) and I felt great.  I could tell that it was getting close to my walk time because my left calf started aching a little.  I must be a little worn out yet from yesterday, I thought.  The second beep sounded for another run time.  And then I got stabbed repeatedly in my calves.  Okay, it wasn’t THAT bad, but I recognized that pain.  That pain I used to push through in my previous fits of athletic ambition.  That pain that started out and I would shake it off and keep going.  Just keep going.  No pain, no gain.  That pain that would get worse and worse until I was hobbling around and people would ask, ‘What’s wrong?’, and I’d have to admit that I hurt myself.  How?  A logical question.  Running, I’d say, and then turn my red cheeks to the ground because I didn’t want to see the look in their eye of confusion and condescension.  Running?  But you’re a big girl!  Of COURSE you’re going to hurt yourself if you try to run!

Ahem.  Anyway.  I didn’t push through this time.  I walked the remaining distances until my Garmin gave a jovial celebratory beep and exclaimed ‘Workout Finished!’, bless it’s sweet little microchip heart.  And as I sit here in the recliner with ice on my legs and nursing my wounded pride, I’m strangely a bit proud of myself.  It took a long time, but I think I’ve learned the lesson.  It took a lot of false starts, but I think I WILL be a runner someday.


One Response

  1. You should be proud of yourself – knowing when to push and when to pull back is HUGE. Getting injured will only delay your dreams and you are so smart to know your limits at this point.


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