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I Should Probably Get A Calculator

My legs feel so much better.  I still haven’t run on them yet, but I’ve been doing some stretches and icing them like a crazy person.  The diagnosis from Runner’s World is posterior shin splints.  Surprise!  Who could have guessed that I’d get shin splints—AGAIN—from doing too much too soon?!  Hey, you in the back!  Put your hand down. 

I hit the gym this morning and took a ride on the elliptical.  Thirty minutes this time.  Interval training repeated, but with a lot less grunting. 

The new shoes feel fantastic.  I’m excited and nervous to hit the trail again tomorrow for a C25K run.  I really really really hope it doesn’t hurt because I really really really want to be able to call myself a runner.  I’m going to start with a workout from week one and see how that feels. 

Send luck.

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve had any meat, caffeine, or cigarettes.  I’ve had some dairy because cheese is just so yummy.  Is there such a thing as a Vegan Leaning Vegetarian?  Well, I suppose there is now!  Hi, nice to meet you.  You’ll notice that I put a few new links over there on the right.  That whole Raw Food movement thing is started to catch my eye.  I doubt I’ll ever live COMPLETELY raw because that means no Doritos.  But still, my brain cells are tossing the concept around.  Perhaps a raw food detox is in my future.  We’ll see.

For the last month I haven’t been counting calories or watching my fat intake or anything like that.  I’m trying to avoid that All Or Nothing trap, remember?  So May was all about giving up a few things and adding a bit of exercise.  June is when measuring and counting enter, stage left.

This is the conundrum:  WW points or calories?  Give me a much loved comment and let me know what works for you or what you’ve heard works.  Thanks!


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