Get Bent

This morning I had an argument with myself.  It was touch and go there for awhile but eventually my good side put her foot down and took my bad side to the gym, kicking and screaming the entire time.  I’m nervous to be on my legs outside.  I know that seems crazy.  I mean, 1) My shins aren’t hurting anymore and B) I have new shoes so I have the proper support for said shins provided I ever decide to hit the pavement again.

My workout this morning was the elliptical for 35 minutes of intervals.  I was going through the motions.  I went to bed later than usual last night and I didn’t sleep great because I kept waiting for my pager to go off.  Not a great sleep means not a great morning, apparently.  Who knew?

Yesterday the roommate and I went to our favorite Mexican place and ordered veggie burritos.  Two words:  Awesome.  (If you’re not a Dooce reader, you SO won’t get that joke.  But it’s funny to me and this is my space so—the inside jokes with myself will have to stay.)  However, they were also kinda salty.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself after I got on the scale this morning and it said I was up 3 pounds.  Ouchie.

I’m on Jillian’s email list and today she sent me a note about how she peeks in my bathroom and watches me weigh myself every morning.  She says not to do that.  I’m still on the fence.  Her reasoning is that when you see the fluctuations every morning, you get discouraged.  You think that you’ve gained three pounds and so you might as well get back into bed because these workouts aren’t making a damn bit of difference.  Ahem.  Or something.

However, I’ve been around this weight loss block enough times to know that weight can fluctuate by leaps and bounds every day and it’s the overalltrend that you have to look at.  Yeah, this ain’t my first rodeo.  Which is why I have a line graph.  Every day I plot my weight on the chart and someday I’ll post a picture of the peaks and valleys that have made up the month of May.  Overall trend is down.  Yay me.  I was up 3 pounds today.  But I’m still less than I was 29 days ago.  I count that as a success.  Maybe someday I’ll get to the point of weekly weigh-ins but I’m not there now.  I’m a big nerd so if I can dork out on weight loss tools you bet I’ll go that route.

After the gym today I felt stiff.  I just let out a little snort because I can’t type the word ‘stiff’ without giggling.  Yes.  I’m not just a nerd, I’m a ten year old boy type of nerd.  You’re welcome.  Anyway, I need to get a stretching regimen.  Due to the overwhelming response to the question of points vs. calorie counting, I thought I’d also put this stretching thing out there.  What do you guys do?  Do you have a routine you follow?  What’s that?  I’m on my own?  Oh.  Gotcha.



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