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*Got a baseball cap so that I can be really lazy about hair care.

*Found Strawberry Milkshake Oreos.  Hey, they’re considered vegan by PETA (not that that is necessarily my standard but, dude, if PETA says they’re not harming animals, who am I to disagree?).

*Had Chinese food.  Grandpa is really making his way out of this world and I’m giving myself a couple of days to tamper some emotions with food.  I think death is a pretty good excuse, provided it doesn’t happen often.  Quick!  Go knock on some wood!

*Went to a few garage sales.  The roommate is a total sweetheart for many reasons and here is the latest example:  A little boy was eyeing a couple of Shrek dolls.  She bought them and gave them to him as a gift and just blushed when the parents thanked her for her kindness.

*Stopped by the local farmer’s market.  There is no reason I should have to buy vegetables in the store this summer.  That place was damn amazing for the little town in which I live.  Plus, there were two cute dogs and two dozen cute babies on display.  Also, cute old ladies selling homemade cookies.  Bless ’em.

*Watched my grandmother feed my grandfather what little breakfast he wanted.  By far the highlight of the year.  It doesn’t get much sweeter and adorable and inspiring than that.  He calls her ‘mother’ and she calls him ‘daddy’.  55 years of marriage.


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