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Oh. Ow.

My body is in detox mode.  The week of the grieving is over and my insides are attempting to purge the poison from within.  Gee, that sounds dramatic, eh?  I’m burping and farting all over the place.  See?  The poetic version was better.
I’m miserable.  I have a headache and my stomach hurts.  I’m flushing my system with water and I’ve never been so sick of using the bathroom in my entire life.  I’m THIS close to taking a catheter home with me from the hospital.
After work this morning I’m heading to the farmer’s market to pick up some organic and local goodies.  I’ve taken quite a shine to the Green Monster.  I’m pretty sure the name is trademarked by Foods That Fit, but I have to give the credit to Eat, Live, Run for inspiring my personal concoctions.  I simply cannot WAIT to get one of these bad boys in my tummy today.  So good.  So fresh.  So nutritious.  (Those titles are websites, but I’m posting this via email and I’m in a rush.  Ya know, saving lives and everything.  🙂  Be sure to check out their sites!)
I’m going to try and head to the gym but I’ll see how my head feels.  I guess I can allow one day for detoxification before I start kicking my butt.  Although sweating IS an amazing way to rid yourself of poisons…


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