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I Want To Be Like Them

Photos are coming.  The more I read healthy living and food blogs and weight loss blogs, the more I realize that pictures make me love these sites even more.  I’d like to love my website.  So, yes, photos are coming.  Like, either later today or tomorrow. 

So my iFriend (term is totally trademarked by yours truly—unless someone else came up with it first) ran her first 5K on Sunday!  She really has no idea how much she has inspired my big butt to get off the couch and sign up for one already…even if only as a walker. 

I’m on call today until 3pm.  And then I’m going to workout.  For some reason I’m still hesitant to start the C25K.  I think the fear I have is because of the pain I felt.  I know even super skinny runners get shin splints all the time but I can’t help thinking that my weight is the source of my running problems.  I’ll let the idea of starting it over today marinade and let you know what I decide.

This blog is boring when I’m whining.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the bloggie love! I don’t mind at all. 🙂

    It really means a lot to me to know that I’m inspiring you, even though sometimes I don’t see why! LOL. If you want my (unsolicited) advice, all I can say is this: Keep a positive attitude, and just keep pushing yourself to do the things that you think you can’t. Surprising yourself is the best kind of surprise!

    All of this is part of my evil plan to turn the world into Eternal Optimists like me…bwahahahahahaha!


  2. So, I love your blog.
    As for running, don’t blame your shin splints on your weight. Granted, it is easier for me to run now that I have lost 23ish pounds, and even though I still weigh 240..I don’t blame my shin splints on my weight. It’s a biomechanical problem. Example, my left leg is 10cm shorter than my right leg, If I don’t have my heel lift in my shoe, my left shin is in pain in about 2 seconds. I also have flat feet (which is a major cause of shin splints, as that causes your feet to roll in, most times) My feet actually roll out, so I also focus on keeping an even stride. And maybe you know all of this and I’ll quit babbaling! 🙂

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