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I’ll Be Darned

I like vegetables.  I like them more than fruits.  In fact, I have gone plenty of days fruitless but nary a one vegetableless.
Internet, this is something I could never have predicted.  And while I know it’s unhealthy to go ANY day without EITHER, I’m a little bit thrilled that vegetables are awesome.  My mouth is watering right now.  Quick, someone grab me a tissue.
I’ve been around the dieter’s block more than once and more than once I’ve heard women lament the fact that they just HATED vegetables and it was so hard to squeeze in the recommended servings every day.  I never went about dieting the right way (surprise!!) and assumed that I would hate the veggies as well.  I lost my weight by drinking copious amounts of diet soda and eating a lot of 100 calorie snack packs.  It’s a wonder I gained back every pound + more.  Duh.  Seriously.  I envy the ladies out there that are figuring this very simple equation out while they are still in their twenties and teens.  My path to where I’m at and where I’m going is a wee bit broken, but at least leads away from the unhealthy lifestyle of my youth.
Currently I’m reading In Defense Of Food:  An Eater’s Manifesto, written by Michael Pollan.  Have you read this?  It’s an amazing book that discusses nutritionism, or rather, worrying about specific nutrients that go into your body instead of the whole foods themselves.  For instance, vitamin enhanced water instead of eating the fruits and vegetables that already contain those nutrients—no additives needed.  Or fiber powders that you mix with water, instead of chowing down on whole grains.  It’s pretty eye-opening regarding the food industry and ridiculous trends in the Western Diet.  I recommend it highly and I’m only about halfway through!
I’ve never been good at the segue so you can just go ahead and consider this sentence flowing into my next topic:
I danced around the idea of posting a “before” photo on this website.  One reason was anonymity.  Then I realized, ableit slowly, that I don’t WANT this to be an anonymous endeavor.  I know I’m not in this battle alone and that there are many out there who are forging along beside me and others who have successfully won. 
And ya know what they have in common?  THEY HAVE PICTURES.
Because pictures inspire performance.  And website readers love photos instead of page after page of text.  And photos are EASY to post, unlike page after page of descriptive words that fail to capture anything close to my Before Photo. 
So yes.  There is a Photo tab now.  Only one picture for now and as far as I can tell, the image doesn’t shrink no matter how many times you look at it.  Bummer.
Thanks for reading.


One Response

  1. I LOVE vegetables too…and salad veggies. I feel so much more energised when I have loads of fresh veg. I eat a lot of fruit as well, often making them into a smoothie…as easy way to get your five a day. Happy eating!

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