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Nothing A Workout Can’t Fix

That double negative in the blog title is SCREAMING at the grammarphobe inside my head.  For now I’ll shut her up with some cookies grapes and leave it alone because I’ve got some great news, kids!

I came home from work this morning and I was awake.  Like, eyes wide open and veins coursing with happiness.  Not my usual Monday morning.  I think this is what happened.

Last night I really wanted something sweet so I dug a dollar out of my pocket and went to the snack machine.  Spank me but the treat was awesome.  Four hours later (I work loooong shifts) I wanted something else sweet (PMS?  Nope, it is just my personality.) but the work was almost done so I told myself that I had a semi-dangerous weekend (work details you’ll never hear) so I was going to allow myself to cut loose and go home to feed on crap until falling blissfully into bed.

Stay with me.  I promise it gets better.

I came home and weighed my options.  Option 1:  Eat something that I already have in my house that is admittedly UNcrappy and watch DVDs until sleepy.  Option 2:  Go to supermarket.  Buy many crappy things I usually don’t keep in the house.  Watch DVDs and pork out until sleepy.

Option 1 would save me money and I wouldn’t have to interact with the public.  But option 2 was much more sinister and, therefore, much more likely to happen.  Hem.  Haw.  Wax.  Wane.  I started to get antsy and really frustrated because I wasn’t able to decide.  And I wasn’t able to decide because neither was SUPER appealing.  I just didn’t know what to do with myself…


No candy on the way! 

And I have to say, I feel fantastic and proud and not at all frustrated with my choice.  I did good today. 

Thanks for reading.


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