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With A Little Help From My Friends

I can feel myself getting sucked into the trap of restricting/bingeing/weighing/repeat.  No!  I have to stop this!

I never blindly follow ‘authority’ figures.  I need proof that what they say is REALLY the way to go.  Well, shoot.  Apparently there is something to that theory of WEEKLY weighing versus DAILY weighing.  The scale doesn’t move much in a days time.  And if it does, it will surely jump right back up there the next day.

Example of how my weekend played out:  I woke up 1.5 pounds heavier than the day before.  I restricted like mad and then found myself tired and reaching for the peanut butter M&Ms around the end of the day.  I pushed myself at the gym and soaked my t-shirt with sweat.  I beamed and was proud.  I weighed in at +1 pound.

Frustrating, to say the very least. 

I remember this feeling.  These emotions that tug at my heart and my mind, chastising me for eating a slice of pizza and reasoning that since I gave in to temptation I might as well just scrap the whole day and fill up on sugary and salty junk.  I know that this way of thinking and behaving fails. 

So I’m going to stop the ritualistic torture.  This way obviously doesn’t work or I wouldn’t weigh 228 pounds!

First things first, I have to stop the daily weigh in!  Who am I kidding?  I weighed myself MORE than once a day sometimes!

Now, how often to weigh?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Every two weeks?  I need input, ladies!

Also, I’m counting points.  So far so good I guess?  I dunno.  I’m still flummoxed by the scale though.  Should I try calorie counting?  Or maybe WW meetings?  Online support?  Again, any ideas are welcome!

All I know for sure is that I can’t keep going like I have this last week or I will end up getting pissed off at myself and feelings of self-defeat usually mean I head straight to the fattiest restaurant I know and pig out.

I.  Will.  Not.  Do.  That.

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses

  1. The hardest part is being pacient. And I think you’re right about needing to only weigh once a week. For some people, weighing every day works, because they don’t get worried if they go up a pound in a day, but some people just need to step away from the scale a bit. It sounds to me like you’re one who needs a break from the scale. You know your body best!

  2. We’re twins, you and I! (And probably every other woman struggling with weight out there…) As far as not weighing every day…you’ll be my hero if you do it. I just. can’t. not. do. it! (Love the double negative?!) Anyway…I would weigh myself once a week if I had the willpower. Seems like the perfect amount of time to tell if you’ve done anything good, but not so frequent that it could be a false reading. Good luck with that.

    As for the other stuff, I have never counted points, and my limited knowledge of it makes me think that it’s just another way of counting calories. I try to look at the whole weight loss thing as a numbers game. Figure out your BMR, know that it takes -3500 calories to lose a pound, and figure out where you should be from there. My absolute favorite weight loss tool is The Daily Plate at http://www.livestrong.com. It figures out all that stuff for you, and gives you a place to track your foods. Check it out when you get a minute, and if you have any questions about it, shoot me a line! You can email me at jebarb08 at yahoo dot com.

    Sorry this is such a long comment! Have a great week! 🙂

  3. I weigh once a week. I have since I started on getting healthy. I can’t weigh once a day, or I go crazy.

    Strict calorie counting ALSO makes me crazy. I do like Mrs B. and shoot for an over all goal, with the aim of being down -3500 calories at the end of the week.
    But I don’t count on weekends. I don’t eat crazy whatever I want either, I just don’t want to make myself crazy on the weekend.

    As a former binger, I’ve learned what triggers me. Restricting sugar in any form triggers me the most.

    Hang in there! We’ll all behind you!

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