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Well, duh.

I’ve read a few books about eating and dieting and the next quick fix. All of them say that you should figure out what your triggers are and then run like hell in the opposite direction. I could never quite peg down why I ate. I just love food and I love eating. I like feeling full. If my belly is happy, I’m happy. Was it possible that my trigger to eat was actually food itself? How was I supposed to stay away from that exactly?

Tonight at work was a killer. We were running around and there wasn’t enough time to pee, let alone sit down to a meal. A doctor ordered some pizza for the department and before I knew it, I was salivating at the thought of inhaling a slice or four. My coworker reasoned that it would be just as quick to go back to the fridge and grab the food I brought, the HEALTHY food, out to the work station and pick at that instead. Nothing I had packed for my lunch sounded good in that moment though. The only thing I wanted was junk. I wanted grease and salt and fat. Cantaloupe and a Boca Burger just wouldn’t do.


I didn’t feel stressed out. I didn’t feel particularly overwhelmed. I wasn’t starving. But I was busy and my adrenaline was going and I felt like I just needed SOMETHING to calm me down and comfort me. Frantic kinds of busy. That’s normal for my work environment. And my work environment is always full of convenience foods. I’ve worked here for about three years. I’ve gained 30 pounds in that time.


In the end, I went and got my cantaloupe and shared it with my coworker who is supportive of my health efforts. And I took five minutes and prepared that Boca Burger.

It was exactly what I needed.


2 Responses

  1. I’m proud of you! Good job! At the same time, though, I’m sorta mad at you (in the not really mad at all way), because now you’ve got me craving pizza!

  2. Rock on…that’s the way to do it!

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