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Healthy Competition

I love a little bit of competition so I went ahead and signed up at Amy’sfor the 15 Week Challenge!  Consider it the Biggest Loser for the blogger set.  She’s figuring in the percentage of weight lost among participants after 15 weeks and the grand prize is awesome stuff from some of her sponsors.  


I dove into the fitness/health blog arena one week AFTER the deadline for Ash’s wellness challenge so I’m PSYCHED to be able to join the 15 Week Challenge. 

I’m so proud that I’m actually in a place where I am able to participate in something like this.  Two months ago I was smoking and eating my way to an early grave.  Now I’m going to bed early so I can get my workouts in before the rest of the day has a chance to change my mind.  Now I’m planning long meandering bike rides with my mom.  Now I’m signed up for a 5K—in 12 days!  Now I like who I am.  I like the work in progress I see in the mirror.

So to all the other 15 Week Challengers out there:  Bring It On!


One Response

  1. do it do it do it! I’m totally rootin’ for you, now you blogged about it, no backing down now!

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