15 Week Challenge Recipe Make Over

As a part of the 15 Week Challenge, Amy has come up with various opportunities for the participants to earn bonus points.  The bonus points are then tallied and for every 25 points you earn, you get an extra 1% added to your total percentage of weight loss.  Pretty sweet deal, right?  She’s gracious, that one.

The bonus point for this week meant you had to take a recipe you love and come up with a ‘healthier’ version.  One of my many weaknesses happens to be chocolate cake.  I’m not picky, any chocolate cake will do.  Usually it’s a Duncan Hines.  No frosting.  And usually I can eat half the cake myself.

If you slice the cake into 12 pieces you will get 290 calories per slice.  Along with 5 grams of fat.  Ouch, right?  Enter Jen.

The recipe revamp didn’t take a lot of figuring or searching for strange ingredients.  It actually cut the prep time in half.  Trust me, kids.  It sounds cooky, but it tastes delicious.

One box of devil’s food cake mix.  One can of diet cola.

Mix.  Bake as directed. 

The end.

Enjoy your cake for only 130 calories per slice and 1 gram of fat.  Or, 3 Weight Watchers points.

You’re welcome.


One Response

  1. Really?!?! I had no idea that you could do that! Sounds yummy! Now I can have cake without feeling too guilty.

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