I Didn’t Plan For This

Sometimes I get really tired of everything.  Shopping, chopping, preparing, planning, packing the gym bag, unpacking the gym bag…

I know the Old Me didn’t do any of that stuff.  Well, she shopped.  For Oreos.  And she ended up miserable and obese and asleep all the time.

So the New Me took over.  She ransacked the house and made plans and discovered new foods and hit the gym like a woman on a mission.

I really didn’t think it was going to be possible for the New Me to feel just as ‘bleh’ as the Old Me.  All of the planning that it takes to lead this healthy lifestyle can really bog a girl down!

I guess the difference between the Old Me and the New Me is that who I am now KNOWS to count on days where I won’t feel like accomplishing everything on the To Do List.  There will be mornings like this one where I walk into the gym and stay in the dressing room for twenty minutes.  And then walk right back out and to my car and go crash into my bed.  The Old Me would have never packed a gym bag the night before or showed up at all.  I suppose that’s progress in the most basic sense of the word. 

I was so MOTIVATED back on May 1st.  Nothing was going to stop me.  I didn’t want any junk.  I craved SPINACH of all things.  Actually, I still kind of do, I just haven’t gone to the farmer’s market to pick any up.  Which means I haven’t been having Green Monsters once a day.  Which means that I kinda feel a tad crappy. 

Wow.  It’s like that game Mouse Trap, where one false move causes a cascade of events and before you know it you’re fat and stuck in a rut.

I’m feeling tired of walking so carefully.

The first week of the challenge wasn’t great.  I lost 0.6 lbs. 

But on to Week Two!  Who’s gonna kick my butt?


2 Responses

  1. I totally get what you are saying. Back in May that’s how I was feeling. It just got the point where always thinking about healthy food and planning meals and planning workouts just got too stressful. I decided I needed break. I still tried to be a little healthy (though I gained like 4 pounds during that month) but I was just so sick of focusing so hard on it. Then I came back and felt renewed and realized that taking breaks like that has it’s drawbacks. I think I just need to find a balance, and not go overboard. But when you get SO excited about losing the weight, it’s hard not to go overboard. But I’m trying, and you’re trying. That’s what counts. Good Job!

  2. It’s hard. Sometimes you just wanna be able to go to Chili’s and not think about what would be the healthiest thing to order. You just wanna order the hamburger with fries, not the chicken fajitas sans tortillas. I just try to look at the people who have their weight under control, who aren’t trying to lose. They don’t go to Chili’s and order the hamburger with fries; they order those chicken fajitas without the tortillas or cheese. I know I’m not alone in my struggle, and that helps me to get through.

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