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See Jen Run

I mentioned that my mom and I were going to complete a 5K on Saturday, July 11th.  I’m still very excited about this, but my excitement is now laced with some reservations.

My mother seems to be completely unable to grasp the idea that this is a RACE and that the goal is to cross the finish line AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  She thinks that I want us to win.  I told her that unless we’re running a sub-4 minute mile, there is no way we’ll be the champions.  I also explained that I just want to go as fast as we can and see what time we end up with.  That way the next time we race we’ll have a time to beat!

 “Oh”, she says.  “Well, that sounds fun!”

I breathed a sigh of relief because I was SURE that she would want me to stick by her side the whole course.  Hanging with my momma isn’t that bad, but she is more of a moderately paced walker than a leisurely jogger like me.  Thank goodness I wouldn’t have to worry about hurting her feelings.

 “Just don’t leave me behind,” she finished.


 So the results of my first 5K might be a moot point.  I’m kind of bummed about that but at the same time I realize that just having that first race experience will be accomplishment enough that day.  I’m currently looking for other 5Ks that coincide with my work schedule.

In other and more exciting than ever news:  My friend Kelly and I decided to sign up for a—get this—FIFTEEN kilometer run!  9.3 miles, friends.  That is…scary.  But kind of incredible!  It doesn’t take place until the weekend before Halloween, so I’ll have plenty of time to work up to the distance.  And our goal is to finish.  The race starts at 10am and then they close the course at noon.  Two hours.  9.3 miles.  We’ll need to go at least 4.65 miles per hour.  Good thing it isn’t until the end of October!  I have every confidence we’ll do it and now I have that kick in the pants I was asking for in my last post!  A goal.  Goals are always good.


2 Responses

  1. Okay, #1: You’re totally right, even if you have to hang back with your mom, at least you’re getting a feel for what it’s like. That will totally help prepare you for the next ones you do. (And there better be next ones!) And #2, 15k? Who’s a rock star now?! You’ll rock it out! 🙂

  2. That’s so exciting that you’ve signed up for a 15K! I’m looking forward to seeing how your training goes.

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