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Throw Away The Calculator!

Yesterday, I realized with astounding clarity that I am becoming a bit misdirected from my original goal with this website and Operation New Jen.

For one thing, there is the weighing.  Oh my god, the CONSTANT weighing.  I’m not ready to toss out my scale just yet, but I think I’m ready to move to weighing only every other day or once a week or something.  Because the numbers don’t really move that much in the span of 24 hours.  Oh who am I kidding?  I weigh myself every time I’m in the same room as the little white demon.  And I’m pretty sure my scale snacks on children while they dream.  Evil bugger with his glaring red numbers.

Second, the NUMBERS.  Digits everywhere!  On the machines at the gym, dancing through my head, calculating how many calories and points is this food vs. that one, the numbers printed on my clothing tags, the bib number of road races, the distance I run, the distance I have left to run, the money in my bank account dictating if a personal training session is doable and the number of calendar days left until I’m officially The New Me.

That’s ridiculous isn’t it?  “The New Me”.  As if it’s a destination and once I reach the point of personal bliss my entire life will magically fall into place. 

Good heavens.  How the mighty have fallen!

Back to the basics, my friends.  Good, sound nutrition that doesn’t come from a box.  The thing about nutritious food?  It doesn’t have to advertise itself.  It doesn’t have to boast added amounts of fiber or amino acids or vitamins.  Naturally nutritious food doesn’t have advertising agencies or come in brightly printed boxes.

Also.  Healthy doses of exercise.  6o minutes a day. 

The end.  That’s it.  And if a person does that, can you guess what happens?  The numbers magically fall into place.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses

  1. Hi dear…have you tried putting the scale in a hard to reach place? (Like the cabinet above the refridgerator?) Just like junk food or favorite foods that we like to endulge in a little too much, sometimes we need to be physically separated from the temptation. It’s an addiction, this whole obesity thing. Some things we’re strong enough to alter, some things we might need a little help on.

    As for the numbers – I agree! They’re everywhere! I just try to make them work for me…know my BMR, know my intake calories, know my workout calories. That’s all that’s really important to me. And the race bib numbers?! Those are numbers that you should embrace and be incredibly proud of, because those are the numbers that PROVE that you are becoming a better you.

    Don’t let it all get you down…you’re doing the right thing for you. Just remember that!

  2. Cool blog! Congrats on your success so far!!

    Seriously though, the scale can drive you nuts!! Give it away for awhile…honestly.

    You’re doing great…keep it up!!

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