Summer School


This book has been my most recent educator and the cornerstone of my most recent dabbles in healthy eating.  It’s interesting to read how whole foods interact with each other and with your body chemistry to promote overall health.  I love that it’s pushing me to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to do…such as making noodles out of zucchini!

If you’re anything like me the mere mention of Raw Diet makes your taste buds shrivel up and run for cover.  I had visions of a life spent eating the gross delicacies featured in that episode of Sex And The City.  I thought that my face would look like this after every bite:


Well, that hasn’t been the case.  If you’re already living a ‘mostly’ healthy lifestyle, I think you’d be surprised at how much of your meals are raw.  Salads, fresh veggies, fruit, sprouted grains, beans, etc.  The major goal of raw food is to cut out the processed food.  I’ve read a few books about the food industry already and I have at least four more to get through, but trust me, the information is SCARY. 

I think everyone has to go at their own pace.  I’m not sure it would be easy to go from eating food substitutes like Egg Beaters and fat free this or that to eating raw.  I’ve had food issues forever and I used to think that light versions and fat free versions of food were perfect ways to beat the system.  Have my cake and eat it, too.  (Like…the Diet Coke cake!  That was a last ditch effort to earn some points in the 15 Week Challenge and I have to say, I can’t endorse eating that!  Especially after reading the chemical list of ingredients on the box.  But, like I said, everyone has to go at their own pace!)

It took me a long time to understand that ‘beating the system’ meant trying to beat my biological systems.  My digestive tract isn’t fooled by fortified foods.  My tissues know the difference between authentic nutrients and the fake stuff.  I’m finally starting to understand that you can’t trick your body into using chemicals in place of whole foods. 

Damn.  Because some of that fake stuff tastes SO GOOD.  Oreo cookies come to mind…

All things in moderation.  Sort of.  There are some things that I hope I never touch again only because I KNOW how bad they are for me.  And yet, they are pretty tasty so I’m not making any guarantees.  All I can do is practice, practice, practice.  Then it should get easier.

For instance, I used to drink a lot of Mountain Dew.  It was normal for me to drink 60 ounces in a 12 hour shift at work.  60 OUNCES!  Of sugar and chemicals and carbonated goodness.  I remember how it used to taste; refreshing and sweet and exactly what I wanted.  I haven’t enjoyed a Mountain Dew since May 1st.  Although, that isn’t for lack of trying.  I’ve bought fountain sodas because on long drives I find that I crave the sweetness and crispness that a cold can of Dew used to deliver. 

The first time I tried it after about two weeks of being sober.  My face looked just like the baby face above.  Because I’ve always been a little slow on the uptake, I tried it again.  And then a third time.  There was a fourth time and I took a sip and made a face and then threw it away.  It’s a good thing I’m cheap or that lesson could have been expensive!

I’ve given up on the Dew and the only thing that tastes good to me now are organic juices and water.  I know.  I never thought I’d be one of those people.  I used to think those people that insisted on certain foods needed their sphincters relaxed.

It’s a process.  I’m not striving for perfection.  Living healthy shouldn’t be a stressful undertaking.  The Raw Food Detox Diet is written in plain terms and is downright easy to understand.  I’m having trouble with the recommended food combinations.  No almond butter on my bread?!  How is that ever going to be possible?

It won’t happen overnight.  And the beauty of this whole new lifestyle is that I make the rules.  I pick and choose what nutritional advice I think is sound and reasonable and will fit with my body chemistry.  I’ll try a little bit of everything and see what sticks.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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