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No Take Backs

I have been SUCKING at the 15 Week Challenge thus far so this is the post wherein I loudly proclaim all the changes I’ll be making in order to kick this weight loss thing into high gear.  This is also the post that I’ll most likely link to when I write the post about how I set unreachable goals and was being too hard on myself and yet AGAIN publicly flog myself for being a slave to perfectionism.

But anyway, on with the list!  Do two items qualify as a list?

*Weight loss math!  BMR, RMR, energy expenditures, VO2 Max, incline percentages, heart rate monitors…  Okay, so not really ALL of that math.  But just enough to get an idea of how much I need versus how much I want and finding some sort of balance.  🙂

*Resistance training.  I’m thinking of the 30 Day Shred.  I’m thinking of using those weight machine thingamajigs at the gym.  I’m thinking of daily sit-ups and push-ups.  I’ll let you know when I get out of the thinking stage and on to the DOING stage. 

These changes will most likely go into effect early next week.  Tuesday, actually.  Not that this weekend is a free-for-all or anything.  I work this weekend and so, god willing, any free time I have this weekend at the hospital will be about planning.  Number crunching.  Program programming.  Etcetera.  (P.S.  And now I’ve totally jinxed the entire healthcare system in our county by even SUGGESTING that I might have a quiet moment at work.  Awesome.)  (And yes, I firmly believe in the power of the jinx.) (So why the hell did I even write that?  Why don’t I just delete it and take back the jinx?  YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T KNOW THE POWER OF THE JINX.)  (Ok, I’ll stop.)


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