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Such A Tease!

I’m taking a note from another Jen’s blog and using a teaser to get you to stop by tomorrow!

As promised to myself, I’ve come up with A Plan.  I’ll be unveiling that on Tuesday and, consequently, asking for LOADS of support.  I know that reaching my goals ultimately depends on no one but myself.  I cannot blame my mother for teaching me that Kraft Mac & Cheese and a can of Mountain Dew made up a great lunch.  She is an amazing woman and she did the best with what she could.  I’m certain that if she could have looked ahead at what the future held for BOTH of us, she would have spent more time in the produce section of the supermarket. 

I cannot blame my friends who invite me to dinner at awesome restaurants.  I cannot blame my gym for only having three elliptical machines.  And it isn’t the media’s fault that I’m fat.

What I know for sure is that I will still have Kraft Dinner now and then.  I know that I’ll have fried tortilla chips and queso sauce.  I know I’ll get impatient at the gym if I have to wait for a cardio machine.  I know that the allure of fast food and television will ALWAYS make me desire a night on the couch with an order of fries.

Balance, my friends.

And The Plan?  Oh yeah, baby.  Lots of moderation involved.  I’m going to live life simply.  Simple changes.  That hopefully will lead to more simple changes.  Until eventually, I live as effortlessly as this girl.

Before I go, I have to toot my own proverbial horn.  Ready?

Yesterday I had plans to meet a friend at the gym.  Her daughter got sick so she had to cancel.  Bummer.  And THEN, someone brought a huge, delicious, gooey pan of frosted brownies into the nurse’s station!  Holy crud!  I felt like the universe was conspiring to keep me fat!

Internets, I turned down those brownies and went to the gym.  Huzzah!

That is what us weight watchers call a “non-scale victory”.  I’m not going to lie.  I feel a little bit proud.  😉 

Have a great day, everyone!  Thanks for reading.


2 Responses

  1. ooohhh…you are such a tease! I will definetly be back tomorrow, but I always am. I stalk you. Not in a crazy stalk you out side your bedroom window type but more like the refresh 3 times until your page updates type. uh…er…ok, bye! Have a good day!

    • I’m absolutely flattered, Jen! And stalking me outside my window would be a HELLUVA commute for you.


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