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Check Yourself

A test I use to gauge how well an activity or food fits into my life is this question; if my appearance was never going to change, would I still do this/eat this?

What if my body will always be the shape it is today?  Would I still keep the early gym appointments?  Would I still prepare fresh foods instead of processed foods?  Would I remain health conscious even if my body stopped shrinking?

I want to say that my answer is a definitive YES.  Because I have the energy of a teenager with the mind of an adult.  Because I just feel clean

But what if my body DID stop changing?  I know I’d probably get frustrated and skip the gym in favor of fondling the remote control.  I know I would probably throw out the kale and order a pizza.  Those behaviors one day might lead me to act the same way the next day and then the next day, etc.  And if I didn’t catch myself early, it would surely lead to disaster.  I have confidence that my mind has been transformed enough and would smack me around until I realized that it isn’t just all about the body.

I suppose it might be premature to ask if I’m doing this because it feels good or because it’s going to allow me to shop in regular clothing stores.  Because right now I’m all about the goal, the sense of pride when the scale reads 155.  I’m aware of the other benefits this life I lead has bestowed.  The energy and the attitude are things I can’t imagine trading in as I sit here and type this.  But I’m still a beginner and so it’s still mostly about the body.

Where are you?  Would you be satisfied with the attitude and the energy if the body stopped changing?  Would you keep up with the vegetables and the workouts?

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses

  1. I would keep up with the vegetables and the workouts because I feel better overall! Also we may not be able to see the changes with things like lowered cholesterol and blood pressure!

  2. I would like to believe I have developed these healthy habits forever but I have to be honest with myself. That means knowing that I will need to be aware of my actions forever and ever, always be concious of the healthy decisions and make an active attempt to continue to push myself. I totally agree, our habits build off each other. One small decision good or bad will lead to another small decision good or bad and to another small decision good or bad.

  3. I definitely would continue doing what I am doing. I find that i just feels so gross and almost sick when I don’t eat healthy and workout. It’s like my body gets made at me when I put all that junk food inside of me.

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