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Way To Anticipate!

I know I’m addicted to this blog now.  I planned to take a few days of ‘silence’ in honor of Jen’smom because I think the world should stop and notice when something awful happens to someone.  Of course, if that were actually the case the world would be on perpetual pause because awful things happen all the time butyouknowwhatimean.  I think it was only about 30 hours until my fingers were itching to get back on here and write.  What is that about?  I could have just as easily written ON PAPER.  But no.  I wanted to type on my blog.  Someday I will write a post about where my motivation for Jen Is Zen comes from.  Today is not that day.  So sorry.

Remember back here when I said the results were unofficial?  Well, THIS time is official, baby!  Straight from the race organizer herself:  39:55. 

I have mixed emotions that my time was 35 seconds faster than what I had thought.  First, I’m awesome.  My first 5K as a fat girl in under 40 minutes?!  Yes, please!  Second, how am I ever going to beat that time?  I mean, I hit the dreadmill quite frequently at the gym and I have yet to go 3.1 miles in under 40 minutes.  I take very little comfort in the fact that the incline is always set to 1.5% and maybe that is why I’m slower.  But people, it’s ONLY 1.5%.  Also, I’m not just walking on the treadmill.  I’m running and jogging and trying to go fast.  I’ve never hit 3.1 in under 40.  Eek!  Lastly, what if the time was off and some guy at the race place screwed up and I’m putting all this energy into trying to beat my first time when, in reality, my first time is unknown?  Or maybe the first 5K wasn’t actually a 5K.  Maybe they messed up the measuring and it was really only a 3K or 4K?

The next run I’m signed up for is on August 15.  Which just happens to be my birthday!  I can’t think of a better way to bring in a new year.  I’ve entered it with a couple of my friends.  A couple of my very very fit and healthy and gorgeous friends.  Hmm. 

Then after that, I’m running another 5K on August 22.  With a completely different yet just as fit and gorgeous friend. 

I’ll post pictures if they consent.  Although, they don’t know about this blog so…scratch that.  No photos of them.  You’re stuck with only photos of me until I go public with this thing.

Speaking of photos!  The assignment of this week of the 15 Week Challenge is to get up and complete a morning workout.  No problem, I say!  I’m already a morning workout person so Amy was kind and said this week would be a freebie!  I just have to take a photo of my alarm clock. 

I’m also going on a hike this week and taking my camera along.  You’ll get to see parts of some amazing trails that run through the parks in my little town.

Thanks for reading!


4 Responses

  1. great time! and you will eventually beat it, but don’t stress about it if you don’t! running is HARD!

  2. I just wanted to stop by and say Nice blog!! And thank you for the wonderful comment you’ve left on mine.

    I look forward to reading through your journey and following you all the way to a fantastic transformation!

    The 5K times…wow, I think the best I’ve done is probably 46 minutes or so…fast walking really…

    great job on that time!!!

    my best always,

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