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But I Still Hate The Sound Of The Alarm Clock

I’m a person that has to work out in the morning.  Otherwise I find that the day carries on and excuses seem to pile up until I can’t see past them to get to the gym.  I commented on another blog yesterday that I think anyone that can consistently work out in the afternoon/evening must have superhero blood coursing through their veins.  I honestly have tried and failed over and over again at scheduling my gym time for anytime after noon.

My schedule is a tricky one.  I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  7pm to 7am.  This arrangement seems awful to most people but I’ve never had much of a life and giving up my weekends hasn’t proven to be any great sacrifice.  And it allows me to go to school full time during the week with plenty of time to study.  It is, in a word, perfect.  For me. 

I find that on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings, it’s harder to go to the gym after work.  Technically, it is morning.  But it’s REALLY my afternoon.  It’s after my work day is done and all I want to do is go home and sack out in bed.  I usually do well at getting there as long as I do not come back to my apartment first.  Once I’m home, I don’t leave again.

My saving grace for gym time has been this schedule.  I have four mornings where I have no excuses.  I like getting up early and getting a workout in before the rest of the world is awake.  The mornings are quiet and cool.  I might even use the word invigorating.

It’s bizarre to be writing this post.  I was the girl who avoided mornings by staying up late and sleeping until past noon.  I never scheduled classes for the morning because I knew I would just end up skipping them in favor of “five more minutes” under the protection of my blankets.

And look at me now:


Thanks for reading.


4 Responses

  1. i am in awe of the fact that you get up in the am on your days off.
    also i love that alarm clock, where did you get it?

    • It’s actually my cell phone. I haven’t used a real alarm clock in many many moons. I just turn the ringer off when I go to bed.

  2. We’re so alike in so many ways, and then you drop this bombshell on me…:) I’m the exact opposite – if I were to say “Okay, I’m getting up early to work out”, I’d never see the first one. My schedule works for me since The Hubs is gone at night, and I don’t have anything better to do. I come home, eat, watch a little tv to let the food digest, work out for an hour, shower, tv, bed.

    At any rate, kudos to you for getting up and doing your thing – extra kudos for doing it after a 12 hour work day!

    • Anna, you are most definitely a rock star. The challenge you’ve set up for yourself has me in awe!

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