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This Close To An Ice Cream Cake Delivery

The month of May was an experiment in healthy living.  I cut out processed foods, ate only whole foods, cut out anything that had to be made using animal products.  That was a big month.  I felt great.  And to my surprise, I lost a little over six pounds.  Bonus!

The month of June was similar to May, but towards the end of the month I tried organic dairy products and promptly fell in love.  I went to the gym a little bit, probably once or twice a week for thirty minutes of cardio.  Again, I lost a little over six pounds.  I can do this, I thought.  I can totally live this way and slowly reach a healthy weight.

The month of July was a struggle.  The first part went off smoothly but then my roommate went on vacation for a couple of weeks.  I’ve lived alone before and never really had a problem.  Turns out the reason I was never lonely is because I dulled the solitary nights by sticking my face into a half gallon of ice cream and delivered pizzas.  Then I went to bed.  So Dawn left and there I sat on the couch with cupboards full of healthy food yet I felt I didn’t have anything to eat.  I made it through the first couple of days, and then I ate at a restaurant.  Then I came home and had some ice cream.  The next day I ordered fried cheese curds and hot wings.  Then a pizza.  Can you also throw in a couple bottles of soda?  Great.  Thanks. 

I lost a pound and a half.  After that ten day Eat Everything Bad Buffett there was one week of July left.   My body felt like it had been hit by a Mack truck.  I dragged my bloated ass back to the gym and got on a cardio machine.  I felt so much better once I finished.  I kept doing that. 

The month of August has just begun.  We are one week in and I’ve been walking the line.  I added weights to my workout routine.  I’ve been cooking at home.  I’ve been in the gym four or five times a week.  I’ve been dutifully entering my information into my log on The Daily Plate.

First week of August is gone.  I’ve gained two pounds.  GAINED.

I know there are some tweaks I can make.  I haven’t had a Green Monster in ages.  I need to shove more produce into my body.  But other than that, I’m kind of lost and frustrated.

Two pounds?  After a considerably great week?  I mean, I REALLY stepped up my workouts.  An hour of cardio every day and a half hour of weights every other day this week.

Any ideas out there ladies?  I need your help because it feels like the wheels are about to come off.


4 Responses

  1. Hey, hon. Hang in there. All I can say (and you probably don’t want to hear it) is that sometimes the scale is just vindictive and hateful. I’m feeling like I’ll have the same results this week since I’m rendezvous-ing with TOM…such a jerk!

    Keep fighting the good fight and eventually you’ll win the war. You just have to trust. And (unfortunately) be patient.

    Oh, and stay away from the ice cream cake. That’s definitely on the To Do list…


  2. It sounds to me like the more intense workouts have just taken your body by surprise a little. You may have just retained a little water due to the lifting weights, but it’ll even out in the end. Just stick with it and I bet you’ll see a drop on the scale in the next week or two.

    • Water retention!!! Of course! That makes sense because I did hit the weights extra hard this week. I’ll give it another week and just keep doing what I’m doing. If I still don’t see any drop on the scale, I have no idea what I can be doing differently.

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