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On Probation

Last week I hit the gym pretty hard and worked every machine they have.  Elliptical, bike, treadmill, circuit weight trainers and even those big ‘ol balance ball thingies.  Does kicking them around the gym count as “using” them in a workout?  No?  Oh.

So imagine my dismay when I got on the scale Friday morning to see a two pound gain.  There was weeping and gnashing of teeth until Jenn called me out on my stupid.  She ever-so-gently told me that my body was most likely retaining water because I ramped up the intensity in such a dramatic way.  Me?  Dramatic?!  Yeah, okay, I can see that.

Now try to imagine how well I handled the news that my body was straight up REFUSING to move because of the intense gym time.  My back.  Oy, my back.  My hips, oh god, my hips.  On Thursday, I was sore.  Like, hobbling around and begging Dawn to carry me kind of sore.  We went to the bookstore and bought our textbooks for this semester (!!!) and aside from that, the day totally sucked.  I made an appointment with a chiropractor for Friday morning.

Hmmm.  So did you know that if you beat the hell out of your hamstrings they will seize up into rocks and then pull your pelvis all out of whack?  No really, someone write that down.  Note to self:  Stretching be important.

All weekend found me with my ass firmly planted at a 45 degree angle in the recliner with ice packs strapped to my lower back.  Staring at the TV.  Half-heartedly surfing the Internet.  Not at all obsessing about how much of a paycheck I WON’T be getting.  Not at all freaking out about how my coworkers are probably pissed off at me because I ruined any weekend plans they may have had because now they have to WORK.

All because I didn’t spend a reasonable amount of time stretching.

I had another appointment with the back cracker this morning.  My pelvis is still a little tilted but the pain is at least  manageable with ibuprofen.  I asked for narcotics anyway.  He said no.  That was probably responsible on his part.  Good move, doc.

And those two pounds are gone.  I’ve been instructed to be not stupid in the future and given the freedom to use the elliptical or walk for my workouts this week.  No lower body weight lifting.  I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to kick around those balance balls, though.


2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling very well 😦 Hopefully your body will heal fast!!

  2. Hey!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    I never stretch and I always have backpain. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh. Don’t forget to stretch next time.


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