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I Have No Words

I saw this the other day.  And please do not question which store I was walking through when I found this particular item.  It IS, in fact, a statue of a dog taking a piss.  The store selling this particular knick-knack was a few miles away from a road named Git R Done Lane.  I’m not even kidding.  Is it any wonder I’m getting my education and then fleeing this area of the world?  I’ve done my time.  I’m just awaiting my parole.  Anyway, here is the photo:

There were a few different breeds in case you preferred a beagle or labrador instead of a bulldog.

There were a few different breeds in case you preferred a beagle or labrador instead of a bulldog.

It could be yours for only $1.49!  I’m currently taking orders.

I’m used to my little corner of the earth.  I grew up around here, lived ANYWHERE ELSE for a decade, and then moved back in the fall of 2006 when my mom got sick.  The plan was to stick around until she was stronger and then resume my ‘real life’. 

Funny thing about plans, huh?  I enrolled in nursing school and now mom is the picture of health and I’m shackled to this county for at least two more years.  (I’m sort of kidding.  I know I could leave any time I choose, but it’s just a bit more fun to complain.  I’m actually pretty happy with my lot in life right now.  Shh…don’t let that get out.)

As I was saying, a gift shop selling peeing dogs didn’t really surprise me.  However, THIS was a shock:

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

Anatomically correct urinating canine statues. 

*silence*  *blink*

I think we can all agree this post took a turn down Git R Done Lane.  My apologies, but please understand that I needed you to understand how I beat the odds and turned out fabulous even though I was born of this culture.  It was all my mother’s doing.  She’s incredible.  I mean, look what an adorable baby that woman made!

Age 2

Age 2

Saturday is my 31st birthday.  I’m celebrating by saving some lives at work and then following that up with a 5K run.  Seriously.

Have a great weekend!


6 Responses

  1. OMG! Happy 31!

    Way to rise above adversity. Or bad taste. Whichever.


  2. O.M.G.

    Why do I feel like there’s some sort of “Fresh Ink” Hallmark card to be made out of the hiking dog pose?

    And why do I feel like now a yoga position named “Hiking Dog Pose” has to be invented immediately?!

    Anyhoo…have a great birthday and an amazing run!

    • Hiking Dog Pose. Working on it. I’ll send you the sketches.

      I’ll be sure to have a birthday and a 5K. I cannot guarantee the quality of either one, however.

  3. Happy Birthday – of course you’ll rock that 5k!

    That hiking dog made me laugh so much, so thank you for the laugh this evening!

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