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I’m Falling For Another

Oh, Internets!  School started last Thursday and I’ve already fallen out of touch with a lot of the blogs I read, the emails I send, the twitterers I follow, and the websites I frequent.  I’m hoping to find some balance soon as I figure out how to manage being online FOREVER for my classes and still manage to click away from the environmental science lectures to read a blog here and there.

I purchased a new computer the other day because I just have this feeling that my good old Gateway is going to take a major dump on me soon.  I suppose it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I would just BACK UP all of my files but I’m a horrible backer-upper.  That episode of Sex And The City?  Where Carrie, the woman who uses her computer every day FOR A LIVING, doesn’t back up her files and she loses everything she’s ever done?  That’s me.  I know you’re supposed to be able to learn lessons from television but apparently that one hasn’t taken root.  Also?  I feel like I’m cheating on my current laptop by having this newer, younger, shiny model sitting right next to it. 

Right now I’m working on my Gateway.  But I sneak furtitive glances towards the new HP every now and then.  I kind of want to type on it.  It’s a good thing it’s in the middle of creating recovery CDs right now or I’d be fondling it like crazy and my Gateway would cry little microchip tears. 

I feel a bit like a glutton, getting a brand new computer when the machine I have is perfectly fine.  Except that you can’t ever lift it or it will lock up and the only way to breathe life into it again is to hit ‘Restart’.  It’s a laptop that should never be moved.  Big deal!  I can just work at this desk.  All the time.  Never moving.  Even though I work so much better in coffeehouses.  And it’s not a big deal that she needs about 20 minutes to start up or that she is incapable of running more than one program at a time.  Who needs to run more than one program?  WHY ARE WE IN SUCH A HURRY TO MULTITASK?  I can totally function with a single processor and 1GB of whatever.

I know I probably needed, in the online schooling sense of the word, a new computer.

I’m not in love with the HP yet.  I don’t trust it.  First, I’m not sure of the sex.  She?  He?  I’ll have to take a peek at the motherboard and check out the organs before I can use any sort of pronoun.  Second, I’m going to have to use the machine for a few weeks and if it doesn’t completely piss me off (like my beloved Gateway) then I’ll start to come around.  It is a good looking piece of equipment, though. 

Moving on…

5K yesterday!  I’ll write the recap later on tonight or tomorrow.  PROMISE.  (You hear that, Jen?  You promised.)  But my time was 36:23!!!!  I am still a wee bit ecstatic about that.  AND I RAN the whole thing.  Well, the girl I was with needed to walk over a bridge and we vowed to stay together…so I walked over a small bridge.  Way less than 0.05 mile.  So really…I count it as not walking.

The shirt that I earned was ugly.  It has been deemed GYM ONLY.  I’ll take it for a test drive on the elliptical machine tomorrow morning.

Oop!  Recovery disc has been completed.  Let the affair begin!


5 Responses

  1. That is great that you ran the whole thing!!!

  2. congrats on the 5k time!!! i had a flashback moment to that SATC episode when my hairdryer blew a fuse and my laptio got fried with nothing backed up… by some miracle, 2 days later it turned back on and was back to normal!

    and i still don’t back up stuff… lol

    • Yeah. Most likely I’ll be super vigilant with this new machine and will have nothing but problems. Meanwhile, the Gateway will sit there and continue to be perfect. Extremely fragile and horribly slow…but will never ever lose any saved information. Bless her.

  3. Awesome! And I hate it when you pay for an ugly shirt! Ugh! 🙂

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