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Jumping Ship. Kind of.

Bless Amy.  That girl took on a big bite of pie by hosting the 15 Week Challenge.  There were 164 people that initially signed up!  Holy crap!  I would have probably been all I WAS KIDDING HAHA NO CHALLENGE at that number of emails flooding my inbox.  But she soldiered on. (Total tongue twister, right?)  However, I get the impression that she’s drowning.  There hasn’t been an update since the end of July and Workout Wednesdays have kind of fallen to the wayside during the last couple of weeks.  She’s a busy girl and sometimes reading her blog makes me sleepy.  House hunting, vacationing, sports, etc. Whew!

The 15 Week Challenge isn’t panning out for me.  Not because I actually weigh more now than when I started, because I totally DO tip the scales about six pounds heavier today.  And not because Amy isn’t wonderful, because she absolutely is.  No.  It’s because I think I’m a high maintenance challenger.  Like, I need updates when I’m told there are going to be updates.  I’m anal and all about structure.  This is precisely why I will NEVER have the sack to run my own challenge.  It takes too much work for the challengers like me.

However.  I may have found a girl out there that is my organizational soulmate.  Her name is Heather Chapman and she IS The Mother Tongue.  She has a challenge starting up in the next few days.

I feel like a complete tool because I’m dropping out of the first challenge and signing up for another challenge that is shiny and new.  I suppose I can keep sending my stats to Amy AND enroll in BlogapaLOSEa.  (Cute name, right?)

The rules for BlogapaLOSEa are simple.  Send Heather a pic of your feet on the scale by September 6th.  Then send her another pic of your feet on the scale on November 23.  If you lose the most weight in that time, you win!  Every week from now until then you have to post a head to toe picture of yourself on your blog and talk a bit about what you’re doing or not doing.  So when I take those full body shots of me with a napkin tucked into my shirt like a bib I can say, I’m eating ribs.  This doesn’t aid weight loss. Fun, yes?!

This is a good contest for me because 1) I will automatically have to post pictures on my blog and b) It’s setup and requirements are crazy simple.  Also, it will stop me from posting about death and get back to the meat of this website which is my weight loss journey.  (vomit)  (I hate using “weight loss journey” in a sentence.)

I’ll let you know what I decide to do.  In the meantime, what do you think I should do?


One Response

  1. I think

    “You should do what’s best for you”.

    That’s payback for use of “weight loss journey”.



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