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Three On The 3rd

You kids.  You’re so lucky!  This is my third post today.  AND I managed to get some homework done!  As mentioned in the post right before this one, I have to take a full head to toe picture once a week for BlogapaLOSEa.  I hate this part.  But here goes.

September 3, 2009 002I’m wearing this t-shirt I got two years ago when I vowed to lose weight and fit into it.  It’s from a pizza place.  Flick your toes in that irony while I talk about those boxer shorts.  Interwebs, those are my jammies.  My makeup is gone.  This is me in my rawest form.  I promise not to do this to you again.  However, I AM going to wear the red shirt every week.  Because I will fit into that thing if it goddamn kills me.  (It’s a size L.)

Enough focusing on the negatives!  Onward!


3 Responses

  1. Welcomes to the BlogapaLOSEa! I read your previous post too. You’re too cute. I had several moments this week going: “I’m in a weight loss challenge. SMOOTH MOVE!”

    • Hey Lisa! Wow…I feel as if a celebrity has just commented on my blog. Quick question; was I supposed to link up at your site as well?

      I weigh in and take a photo on Thursday. Heh. Not AT ALL worried about that.

      Good thing Grey’s Anatomy will be playing on Thursday nights so that I can’t justify completely hating that day of the week until Thanksgiving.

  2. I never wear clothes that advertise food. People can see me and know I love to eat!

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