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Ten Six Oh Six

I love Tuesdays.  My Tuesday is to me what your Saturday is to you.  Since I work from 7pm Sunday night until 730am Monday morning, it’s as if my ‘weekend’ begins on Tuesday morning.

I usually wake up early on Tuesday mornings because I’ve slept since Monday afternoon.  This is great because it means I can get to the gym before that morning rush of fit people.  Many mornings I arrive around 5am and find a couple of other women there that appear overweight and out of shape.  Although, who am I to say?  Perhaps they’ve lost 100 pounds already and 5am just happens to be their usual workout time.  I’m probably projecting my insecurities to these women who wake up before the rest of the world to squeeze in their cardio, not because they don’t want to be seen, but because this is the time of day that works for them.

It’s all about figuring out what works, right?  Some people are lucky and can follow a program and drop the weight and keep it off.  More common are those of us that take a little bit from each program we’ve tried over the years and shape our own way of life, failing and succeeding over and over again, until we determine what REALLY works for us.  And longevity is never guaranteed because if it were, we’d be a nation of healthy people.

What works for me, most times and for now, are goals.  I set them and sometimes they seem sky high and almost unreachable.  But as long as I have something to shoot for I feel like every workout or every meal where I’m consciously eating is for a purpose.

When I woke up this morning I felt ill.  Before bed last night I had a bag of microwave popcorn, a small bag of coconut m&ms, and four Kashi dark chocolate cookies.  Ugh.  A 1,000 calorie binge.  No wonder I spent the first twenty minutes of my day in the bathroom.  The m&ms and cookies were worth the calories.  The microwave popcorn not so much.  Lesson learned.

I had bought a tape measure last night (while out buying the cookies) and broke the package open this morning and took my measurements.  I couldn’t help but hear the internal voice as I slid the tape around my waist and hips.  This again?  Really?  How many times are you going to take your measurements until you finally figure out that the numbers will only ever go up?

Like an ugly girl ignoring the taunts on the playground, I pretended I couldn’t hear and got dressed.  And somewhere in that three minutes I decided that this morning would the one where I reached that 10,000 stride goal on the elliptical machine.  I think it stemmed from the food last night and the voice of my inner critic this morning.  Screw that, I thought.  I’m not out of this game.  Just because I got a flat tire doesn’t mean I should slash the other three!  Change the tire.  Make it new.  KEEP DRIVING.

I got on the elliptical and set the program.  Interval training.  2 minutes of level 1 intensity.  2 minutes of level 8 intensity.  For a total of 60 minutes.  GO.

My face was dripping sweat within the first ten minutes.  That’s okay.  That’s normal for me.  However, I was working at a quicker pace than I normally do because I had it in my head that I should ‘bank’ some strides for when I get tired and need to back off.

Internets, I never had to back off.  Oh, I was feeling it and I wanted to stop.  Especially when I would glance at the stat counter and see that I still had 6,000 or 4,000 or 3,000 strides to go.  But I kept going.  I wasn’t going to quit.  Inner critic and outer food weaknesses be damned.


Thanks for reading.


2 Responses

  1. thanks so much for your encouragement.
    i love how you’re able to keep everything so real and raw. i always try to sugar coat it, but really, it’s hard work. it’s not pretty, binges happen, but you have to just keep going. true, there may be setback and what not, but you’re making an effort and the measurements will go down!

    • And thank you for your encouragement as well, Ash! You ARE the first one who inspired me to start my own blog and get my butt into shape! Thanks for reading!

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