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Oy And Then Yay!

So I might have to put my GayManCat down.  This feline goes by many names but no matter what I’ve called him over the years, he has always managed to be a tad on the bitchy side.  He’s always been grumpy.  But, lately, he’s been SCARY grumpy.  He had my roommate cornered the other night and was hissing and growling at her.  Because she walked past him on the way to the bathroom.  The nerve of some people!

All jokes aside, though, I’m torn between heartbreak and, ashamed to say, a smidgen of relief.  I love GMC.  He’s been with me for a long time and for many moons, it was just he and I against the world.  But he’s always been somewhat of a liability, what with that temper of his.  For now, my orange poly-toed freak is on pain medication.  His metabolic panel came back normal and so the vet is kind of like, “Um, how about we just keep him stoned and see if that helps?”

He purrs now.  A LOT.  And he’s all lovely and nice.  But not creepy.  Just a second ago he swatted the other cats in the house as they ran by him.  So.  Was he in pain?  And if so, from what?  Vet has no answers.  She just says that sometimes cats get violent when they’re hurting.  And I can understand that because when I have a headache I will rip your legs off if you come near me.  So the pain leads to violence theory is one that I can get behind.  Am I okay with dosing him every other day?  I’m not sure.  Although, I’D like to be a little bit stoned at all times.  I’m sure that would make me a MUCH happier person.

GMC is on his last chance.  It’s the end of him if he gets all scary one more time.  (She says with faux strength and tears in her eyes.)

Moving on.

Did you guys watch The Biggest Loser last night?  I had to DVR it because I was rocking out with Ani DiFranco.  Oh, heavens.  She is just so damn lovely she makes me want to shoot rainbows out of my bottom.

Ani_DiFrancoI haven’t watched the episode of TBL yet.  I got home after midnight, woke up at 6 to head to the gym, and now have to shower and study all the live long day.  My reward at the end of this daylight stretch of academic nightmare is settling in with a pan of brownies bowl of grapes and watching all the people getting their asses kicked by Jill and Bob.  And I’ll get to cry!

I’m am ECSTATIC to report that I’ve lost 5 pounds this week!  Who knew calorie counting would work?  Along with some of the math, I made it to the gym a few times.  In short, I’m feeling awesome.

BlogapaLOSEa photo….

003Thanks to Dawn for taking these photos every Wednesday!  And thanks to you guys for clicking over and checking up on me.   Have a great Wednesday.


5 Responses

  1. K just got Jillian’s 20 minute shred video. She had borrowed a copy and loved it, so now we’re doing it. Guess what. Jill kicked my ass. Muscles hurt so bad that I haven’t been back for round two yet. I will though, just as soon as I can raise my arms above my waist and sit down without my leg muscles screaming in agony again. I don’t even watch TBL.

  2. Oh yeah,
    And Ani is a hottie. Her music ain’t too shabby either.

  3. HA, who knew the calorie thing actually worked – LOVE IT! Funny how sometimes the simplest things actually work – GAH, now if I would actually just listen to it the first 10 times someone tells me something!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss.

    Not sure what to say about the cat issue. I’m a cat person myself, but we’ve never had a “mean” cat. I guess you’ll just have to listen to your gut feeling.

  5. How-D!

    Whoot Whoot! You look skinnier in your red shirt too!

    Did anyone tell you that, yet? Cause you do!


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