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Write This Down

It would have been so very easy to go home after work this morning.  Your bed never sounded so good, beckoning you from across the street with its soft sheets and pillowy pillows.  Your feet hurt, your legs were tired, and your brain was fried.

So very easy to just go home.

You thought about it.  You even sort of planned on it.  But then you saw your gym bag in the passenger seat.  “I could always just leave it there and go to the gym tomorrow.  That way it’s all packed and waiting for me,” you thought.

Did time stop?  Did some sort of divine intervention take place?  Because before you really realized what was happening you were turning on to the highway that heads to the gym.  And you just sort of went with it.  Didn’t question the stoplight or second guess the turn into the parking lot.

You parked and walked toward the doors almost as if on auto-pilot.  You changed out of your uniform and into your shorts and shirt.  “They fit just a bit bigger,” you noticed.  “The shirt doesn’t hug my midsection as much.”

You were the only one there and you hopped on the treadmill like it was a habit.

You felt good.  You felt strong.  You had an amazing workout when you really didn’t think there was any energy left to spend on running.

And look at you now.  You’re proud.  Remember this moment.

Remember that choosing to skip a workout will NEVER feel as good as completing a workout.


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  1. […] really didn’t feel like working out yesterday, but I did anyway. I kept thinking about Jen’s post awhile back – “Remember that choosing to skip a workout will NEVER feel as good as completing a […]

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