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Kleenex Shoved Up My Sleeve

I don’t really have anything too blog worthy these days.  Life seems to be in a holding pattern and I’m okay with that.  Oh, and I’m wrestling with that lame virus that has everyone running in droves to the nearest clinic for IV fluids and Tamiflu.  Even though it ISN’T the flippin’ SWINE FLU.  It’s a HEAD COLD.  Stay home, you idiots.

I gained 2.1 pounds this week.  I missed two days at the gym this week and my calorie count was WAY HIGH one day.  But I think I’ll let myself believe that I maintained my weight and the scale this morning just reflects the one pound of snot and the one pound of cough drops that normally aren’t in my system.



One Response

  1. Hey Jeniszen…

    Remember that mucus weighs more than fat.

    Or is that muscle?


    I hope you feel better soon!


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