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These Goals They Are Fantastic

I have always loved October.  I love the crispness that is in the air at all hours of the day and the lovely reds and yellows that bombard the trees.  Everyone is settled back into a nice routine after the crazy summer and the whole month just feels more relaxed somehow.  Football is in full swing and never is there a better month to play outside!  Bugs start to die (FINALLY!) and you can run around in a sweatshirt and jeans and not break a sweat.  Hot chocolate gets put back on the menu and coffee doesn’t have to be iced in order to taste good.  My only complaint with October?  It goes away too fast, even though we’re given one extra day to dress up funny and beg for candy.

I haven’t been around this website lately as much I’d like to be and I think it’s because September had me bogged down a little bit.  I want to play with my iFriends again.  I miss them.  I want to blog about life again.  I miss that.  And (surprise!) I want to lose a few pounds.  Essentially, I really want October of 2009 to kick some major ass.

In attempt to kill all those birds with one gigantic stone I bring to you a List Of Goals.  Somebody somewhere is already doing this, this list of goals for every month.  I am not committing to every month.  I’m committing to NEXT month.  October, you will be mine.  And this is how:

*I will exercise every day.  You heard me.
*I will comment on (at least) two blogs every day.
*I will weigh myself on Wednesday mornings only rather than my current method…which is every single time I pass the scale.

Hmm.  Okay, so maybe it isn’t so much a LIST of goals as it is a couple of items to complete.  I’d throw something in there about blogging every day but that crazy is going to have to be saved for November.


2 Responses

  1. Great goals – I look forward to your working out every day goal the most…maybe, just maybe I’ll consider that for my november goal? eh, I dunno – I’ll see how yours goes!

  2. I’m looking forward to it as well, Jen. Okay, actually I’m looking forward to REACHING the goal. How about this? If I do it in October, you do it in November. Deal?

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