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Well, Would You Look At That…

Good morning, Internets!  I’m in an extra good mood this morning because I just remembered that this weekend is one where I’m not required to be at the hospital!  I work five weekends in a row, see, and then get the sixth weekend off.  So basically, every five weeks I get a two week vacation.  Pretty sweet deal, right?  It’s kind of amazing how those five weeks on can drag along and feel like five months, though.  By the fifth weekend myself and the rest of the weekend crew feel how I imagine inmates feel when they only have two days left in the slam.  We’re downright giddy.

There is a wedding I’ve been invited to this weekend and so today I’m going to study and shop.  It’s like I’m eighteen years old again and at The University of Iowa…except with a lot more studying.  The wedding reception is an indoor/outdoor affair and so I’m not sure if I’ll be getting a dress or wearing pants.  It’s a work wedding and no one at the hospital has ever seen me in anything other than long pants and mostly long sleeves.  I wouldn’t want all my puffy flesh to ruin the evening…so most likely I’ll buy a nicer top to go with those black pants I wore back in August. (Photo is on the Photo Page!)

ANOTHER reason I’m in a good mood today is because I managed to lose 3.1 pounds this week for BlogapaLOSEa!  I’m still not exactly sure why I had a gain last week, even after I did a lot of weight loss math.  I’m guessing this is what Jillian Michaels is talking about when she says that hormones and stress and many other variables play a factor in weight loss.  All we can really control is calories in versus calories out and hope for the best.  That kind of blows when you’re a control freak like me.  Oh!  Speaking of Control Freaks!  Did you see The Biggest Loser last night?  OMG.  I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t watched yet…but holy moses…you get a great idea of what the minions of hell look like.  No, wait.  That’s kind of harsh.  You just get a really good look at one of the most selfish people I’ve ever seen step on the scale.  Watching this episode will make you feel righteous, trust me.

Anyway.  I’m rambling this much and I haven’t even had coffee yet!  And how did I manage to type out 400 words without really saying anything?  Bleck.  Sometimes I really annoy myself and understand why people actually DRAFT their entries before they post them.  That must be why their blogs have that polished feel and my website looks like a scratch and dent sale with verbs.

I am headless, yes.

I am headless, yes.

My head is cut off because my photographer blows.  Just kidding, Dawn!  I told her to take it from the neck down because I don’t have my hair or makeup done and didn’t feel like sporting a hat.  Plus, sometimes I just get sick of my face.  But would you look at how LESS snug that blue shirt is!  Go me!

The month of September turned out well.  I lost a total of 9.5 pounds (highest ever) and 7.7 of that counted for BlogapaLOSEa.  I’m going to have to check in and see how the rest of the girls are doing.  I REALLY want that prize.  Actually, I’m not even sure what the prize is…I think a $75 gift card.  New workout clothes, anyone?  Why, yes, don’t mind if I do!

Thanks for tuning in.  And tomorrow is October 1st so I’ll be back around your blogs and stinking up the joint with my weird comments.  Yay!


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  1. 9.5 pounds in September?! That definitely deserves a WOOT! 🙂 Keep up the good work, my friend. Eventually I’ll get back on that wagon with you, but for now, enjoy the extra room in the seat. (Literally and figuratively! lol)


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