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Happy Holidays

I don’t talk about my love of football very much.  In fact, I’ll bet most of you don’t know that I think one of the only drawbacks to my crazy weekend work schedule is that I don’t get to watch my Hawkeyes play on Saturday and I’m always missing my Packers play on Sunday.

One man has upset our entire tristate area.  Tonight that all comes to a head as the Packers play the Vikings.  There are bars in the area offering free Jell-O shots every time Favre throws an interception.  I’m sure there will be a lot of trash talking and high fives all around as these rival teams take on Monday Night Football.

It’s bound to be a religious experience.  Either they’ll leave feeling born again and uplifted, or they’ll walk to their cars feeling like hell.  Tap the keg and break open the Ruffles.  Don’t worry about calories.  It’s a new holiday and you won’t ever be able to experience it again for the first time.

Go Pack!

HA!  Now that's funny!

HA! Now that's funny!

Update: 910PM—Being a Packer fan means you get your heart shredded to bits every season, every game.  Being a Packer fan means that just when you think all is lost, a hail mary pass deep into the end zone can save you.  Being a Packer fan means you take your hits and keep on going.  You never give up.  Being a Packer fan means you win with amazing celebration and swell with pride.  It also means you lose with dignity and high fives for the other team.

It’s halftime.  It’s too soon to tell.  This game has been incredible already and I can’t wait until the second half!  As much as it pains me to say it, Brett looks great and that man ALWAYS looks like he’s having the time of his life when he’s on the field.  It’s fun to watch him play.  But he’s not a Packer anymore.  That Sears commercial is funny, though.  Have you seen it? I can’t seem to embed it in my post, so click here and laugh as he makes fun of himself.

Tired of my football chatter?  I’ll be back tomorrow with the usual programming.

Thanks for reading.


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