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In With The Old, Out With The New

Quick update while I’m on a study break!  School is starting to kick my butt just a wee bit.  It’s really sad how much a wee little wrench in my schedule can seriously derail every other area of my life.  I’m so zen about everything…but only if I’m on a very strict routine with no time to breathe!  Makes complete sense, right?


In other news,  I am growing old.  But it was a real pleasure to realize that my favorite singer during my first round of college is also aging and getting cranky.

rtDawn and I traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota to take in a Rob Thomas concert last night.  Carolina Liar and OneRepbulic opened for him.  It’s safe to say that I’m now a total freak for them and am this close to pirating legally downloading all of their music.

I’ve seen many Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty concerts and this one was by far the most unsavory.  It wasn’t BAD by any stretch of the imagination.  It just wasn’t what I was hoping for.  The concert was extremely mellow.  I got a glimpse of what following him will be like once he’s a lounge singer.  He wasn’t feeling well and I’m sure there is no worse job in the world than Rock Star when you’re feeling crappy…so I give him a sympathetic nod and will hope for something better when I see him in the future.  Plus, I think his dog is dying and that has to make going to work beyond difficult.

In a completely bizarre turn of events I have decided to count points again.

pointscalThis program always worked well for me in the past.  All one hundred and eighty times!  The problem with the program was really a problem with ME.  Duh.  Now that I’ve successfully pulled my head out of my butt (the air is so much better out here!) and come to the realization that healthy living is a lifetime sentence no matter what method I choose, I think I’m choosing points.  It’s easy.  Not that counting calories was rocket science but I do well when keeping track of smaller numbers.  No second grade level math, please!

And I think that is about it for this installment of Items That Are Too Small To Write A Full Post About.

I’ll be back Wednesday morning with the BlogapaLOSEa photo and some sort of self-flagellation for my behaviors and misbehaviors this week.  Can’t wait!


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