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You Guys Enjoy Irony, Right?

Remember back here when I mentioned that The Universe has a great sense of humor?  Remember when I said I chuckled along and took the old man summit as a playful punch to the shoulder?  Yeah, good times.

And they just keep coming.  I tell you what…whatever you choose to call the higher power we have, be it God, Allah, Buddah, or Dumb Luck, the entity has a wicked sense of humor.  I will make my point in two snapshots from this week.  Ready? Go.

I drive seven hours to meet a very significant person from my past.  This person has been in love with me for twelve years.  I take one look at him and realize that I’m in love with him.  Finally.  I muster up the guts to say it and then he says that maybe he isn’t so sure about me now.  Awesome.

I write yesterday’s post about being responsible and choose to stay home rather than throw myself into an event I am not trained for.  The last thing I want to do is injure myself!  I go to the gym to work out responsibly.  My foot hurts a little bit when I’m finished.  I can’t walk this morning.  I go to the emergency department and they tell me I have a stress fracture.  Super.

All I can really do is giggle about all of this.  Yes, the emotional stuff from the first story is huge and knocked me for a big giant loop that I’m not ready to write about yet. (Maybe never.) (P.S.  Cindy…you should probably call me when you have a minute.)  And the second story sucks the big one…but seriously, what are my choices here?  Sit home and feel sorry for myself and mope and cry.  Or laugh.

I have never been handed a bigger dose of karmic medicine in my life.  I choose to swallow it whole, learn a little something from all of this, and most importantly, I choose to laugh.  Because irony is funny stuff, man.



5 Responses

  1. Oh, I so hear you about the foot right now!! I’ve been having foot pain on/off for quite some time & it always got better, so I thought it would this time too…WRONG! It just kept hurting-It thought it seemed like plantar fasciitis, but the foot/ankle doc said it’s pes cavus (deformity of abnormally high arch) w/a nerve entrapment. After a cortisone shot in my foot Friday afternoon, the doc told me: “No exercise, you’ll have to put working out on hold for several weeks.” I wanted to cry, but instead I’ve been trying to think of ways I can at least work on upper body w/out affecting my foot.

  2. I got to the ps cindy part & stopped to call….u are not answering…

  3. Dear JenIsZen,

    I love Irony. Irony is my favorite. Kinda like having the best eye-make-up day ever and your eye itches incessantly.

    That’s my little daily dose of laughter.

    I hope your foot gets better really soon.

    Love is a battlefield.


  4. So I call her and she says she does not want to talk about it…..

    How ironic…


  5. Ouch, Jen!

    I hope you’re back on your feet soon! Literally.

    Let there be sunshine to chase the clouds away, kind thoughts to cheer you and brighten your day.


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