I’m going to yet again extol the virtues of my small town.  It’s, in a word, magnificent.  When I was a teenager and lived in the next town over, this place was considered “the big city”.  (And now everyone that knows where I live is laughing just a little.)

A few years ago there was a big push to build a bike trail that surrounds the city limits.  All of the money was either granted by government or donated by the people of this town.  I think the tally is somewhere around a couple of million dollars.  I’m not going to even pretend that is accurate.  It might actually be a little more than that.  Anyway…

My apartment is right across the road from a trail access point.  About four miles down the path is this hill that will be nearly impossible to explain.  It twists and turns and goes up and up for about one hundred years.  Back in the beginning of June, I promised myself that I would climb that whole thing on my bike without stopping.

And today I did it.

Next time?  I’ll take a camera and you can suffer and marvel at the beauty right along with me.


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  1. […] By the way, I’ve reached the top of that ONE MILE hill at least four times since that post.  I just have neglected to tote the camera along.  And then I […]

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